Get Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in Cambridge That Fits in Smoothly Around Your Business

commercial-kitchen-cleanDo you strive for the highest levels of hygiene in your workplace kitchen? Do you want to free your regular staff to concentrate on their real jobs? Schedule flexible and competitively priced commercial kitchen cleaning in Cambridge CB1 with one short phone call today. We'll deliver the thorough kitchen hygiene and sanitation that'll leave you with no worries over any potential inspections, and the food that your kitchen produces at its highest level of quality. Perfectly able to accommodate the needs of your service and opening times, our commercial cleaning service is designed to meet your needs.

Industrial Kitchen Cleaning Services Designed the Way You Need Them

You want your kitchen sanitised but there's more to it than that. We'll perform your industrial kitchen cleaning services in a way that maximises the benefits you get for your money. That means:

  • Same day service - if you need commercial kitchen cleaning at short notice, we're more than happy to meet your needs
  • 24/7 customer service - our phone operators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so we are always ready to assist you
  • When you order a commercial kitchen cleaning alongside an one off deep cleaning or any of our wide selection of brilliant cleaning services, you'll save money!
  • When you choose us we'll never ask you to hand over a deposit - find out more on our home page!
  • What you see is what you get with our prices - the cost on your quote is the cost on your bill, no unpleasant surprises

Here’s How We Carry Out Our Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

Our commercial kitchen cleaning services have been used by our customers in restaurants, hospitals schools and more. The technicians use a dip tank cleaning technique to deep clean all appliances effectively and safely. Any removable parts are manually scrubbed and scraped before soaking in anti-bacterial disinfecting detergents. Appliances will all be re-assembled, inspected and tested before we leave. We can professionally clean all commercial appliances such as ranges, canopies, filters and hoods. We’ll also clean your walls and floors!

Get Kitchen Deep Cleaning and Relax with Full Insurance Cover

We understand that your kitchen is essential to the operation of you business, and that you need to be absolutely confident that it's going to receive optimal quality of attention from trained and seasoned experts. That's exactly what we provide - kitchen deep cleaning delivered by a band of CRB- checked experts who are fully knowledgeable about Health and Safety and COSHH standards. To find out what our customers think about our fully insured services, and the smartly uniformed team who carry them out, simply leaf through the feedback on our testimonials page now.

Book Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in Cambridge Today!

No matter how busy your working day, we're always available to answer your call when you have a free moment. Simply pick up the phone and dial 01223 953010 now - we'll be able to respond to any and all of your inquiries about booking commercial kitchen cleaning in Cambridge at any time, and set you up with a booking whenever you need one. Free price quotes and further information about our transparent pricing system are available on request too. Alternatively, why not use our contact form or web chat facility to get in touch with us online? We'll be equally delighted to respond to your questions there, and you won't even need to find the time to pick up the phone.

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